Project: MNE Asia Pacific



MNE is a professional educational consultancy firm that provides a one-stop solution for those who seek to attain new skills and knowledge to stay relevant. They help learners to be the best version of themselves, regardless of their background and circumstances.




The challenges:

Headlines on the news were making consumers wary of scams and fraud. MNE wanted to raise professionalism while keeping things simple for their users.

MNE was previously mainly engaging with customers via social media and messaging platforms. As their target audience included seniors, they needed a easy alternative for their customers to do course registration rather than doing it strictly by bookings to as many of their learners could be employed.

While MNE had many leads, they needed a established source of trust for their customers: which means a professional website that has all the details their customers will need. Rather than having to go through a 5-15 minutes call that may be confusing and pressuring, MNE customers can now visit their website to learn more about the different courses available, increasing the chances of conversion.

As MNE did not have a strong technical team, Erase has proposed to offer them clear technical support for their company. We host their site, maintain it and are available for technical challenges or upgrading as and when needed.



MNE Asia Pacific partnered with Erase to evolve its customer experience. The new website features their range of courses in a simple, clear manner and allows interested students to do their registration online. Users are guided towards their friendly team of dedicated consultants through the use of Live Chat, Contact Page and clear view of their team right on the Home page.

Student Registration

Contact Page

Home Page (Team)

what lies ahead?

going forward:

While we have completed the foundation for MNE, there lies many opportunity for the company to leverage on technology to further enhance their business process. For example, they can utilize video-recording software such as Loom to create a step-by-step walkthrough of their orientation and guides so that they do not have to do it on a recurring basis, making more time for attending to students.

There is also a lot of room for more testimonials from their students as they have celebrities and entrepreneurs taking the courses as well, hence we have suggested that they create more content with their students, pictures and video included.

There is also room for more content to be created, such as the benefits of their courses converted into simple visuals (images). MNE can also redesign existing informational and marketing collaterals to further set their brand apart from competitors.

The team at Erase will be continually assisting MNE with any new upgrades based on our suggestions and their feedback. Unlike other agencies, Erase continues to follow-up on the development of MNE even after the project completion as we value all our clients and believe that a long-term partnership will bring their businesses to greater heights.

"The team at Erase has been excellent in understanding our needs and help us achieve what we wanted. Overall, we had a fantastic experience with them."
Min Zainudin
Managing Director
"The team at Erase has been excellent in understanding our needs and help us achieve what we wanted. Overall, we had a fantastic experience with them."
Min Zainudin
Managing Director