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May 12, 2021

WordPress vs. Squarespace: Which is better long-term?


WordPress is virtually a household name when it comes to building websites. While it’s arguably the most well-known, there are other viable options that are willing to compete in the website development and design industry.

Squarespace has set itself apart as a contender among the many competitors vying for a spot at the top. That’s because it offers an enviable all-in-one solution that provides both attractive and functional websites. 

WordPress vs. Squarespace: Key Comparisons

Squarespace offers an easy-to-learn and intuitive platform where you can build basic but beautiful websites in no time. However, the quick setup means that it cannot match the range and versatility of WordPress on many fronts. 

Being an established website design and development agency in Singapore we are here to help you understand which platform should you choose for the long run? Let’s find out

Getting Started and Personalization

Both platforms share the variety of templates you can employ in your website. 

Squarespace may be easier for zero-experience users because of all the elements they offer right out of the box. 

However, you start to notice the tradeoff when you consider the range and variety of templates they offer. With Squarespace, your alternatives are restricted to whatever the vendor provides, with limited customization options. 

WordPress, on the other hand, is unmatched in customization. There’s so much more you can experiment with by using its style sheets. Additionally, WordPress has an ever-growing list of premium and free plugins and themes for its users.

Nature of hosting

Squarespace offers an easy setup process partly because it’s essentially a hosted environment. But it also means that there is less flexibility for users. Also, Squarespace itself enjoys undue control over your site and its associated tools. In essence, they mostly own the content hosted on your site. This structure compromises your ability to export your site to another hosting service. While their basic plans are affordable, their premium plans are not. You’ll still have to shell out a considerable payment to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and pages. 

WordPress, meanwhile, gives you the liberty to pick the hosting service and plan of your choice. Here, you own all your content, and exporting your website is a hassle-free affair. 

Business and e-commerce

Today, running a business online is a no-brainer for any company looking to reach a wider audience. With Squarespace, there are restrictions on the number of products you can sell. Also, you’ll have to part with a specific percentage on every transaction. 

With WordPress, you have options like WooCommerce that give you relatively more control. You can choose the details of your online store, payment portals with no annoying commissions. 

Budget and Pricing

At first glance, it appears as though Squarespace offers a more budget-friendly alternative to WordPress. The main reason here is the total package that it provides. It includes components like hosting, domains, templates, analytics, etc. 

So, there’s no extra work of employing developers or scouring the plugin forums. But once again, the issue of surrendering control comes up. It’s clear when we consider the influence Squarespace has on its websites. 

A starter website may be better suited to Squarespace. But for any additional functionality, WordPress still has the upper hand. WordPress, as a CMS, comes to you free of cost. So, even as you shop for hosting services, you have the option to pick one that fits your budget. 

Also, custom plugins and themes for WordPress may cost you some money. But there is no lack of free resources and insights. And you can easily get them from the community online. Now, that implies some extra work on your part. But the end-product is true to your vision and mission, regardless of your niche and industry. 

Squarespace: More Form than Function

Squarespace offers the advantage of getting a hosting service and website builder in one solution. You may even get a free domain name with shared hosting. It usually comes as part of the low monthly fee plan.

There’s no doubt that it’s an excellent option for creative bloggers—especially those who want a simple solution without coding requirements. 

However, trouble starts brewing when you seek more control over your site and content. As a closed environment, you can’t incorporate something like the Yoast SEO plugin. And that’s a plugin that is seen as essential by many SEO enthusiasts. All in all, it provides decent-looking websites. But you lose out on the functionality and control you enjoy in WordPress. 

WordPress: Flexibility and Functionality defined

There’s no end to the modifications and customization you can perform on WordPress. And it’s mostly thanks to it being an open-source platform. Consider the impressive list of themes, plugins, and add-ons available. You’ll find that you have a potent and limitless platform for building any kind of web presence. 

Coders and advanced users can also use the convenient management tools on the WordPress dashboard for further enhancements. The end-product is a unique website that has the potential for more possibilities in the future. 

The Verdict

About a third of all the active websites today owe their existence to WordPress. And most of these sites and businesses feature among the most successful websites. Today, it continues to evolve and adapt to the changing structure of the web. And it’s largely thanks to the diverse community and versatile framework that WordPress enjoys. 

Squarespace is indeed a viable alternative for simple and basic requirements. However, it does not match up to the prospects that WordPress offers in the long run. 

So, now, when you know which platform works better for your business then you just need the best website design and development agency in Singapore to handle the whole work for you.

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